6 Usefull Chrome Extension You Must Know About


In Android smartphones, we install an app according to our need and what would we say if such a feature comes in the computer’s browser. The Chrome Web Store has many extensions like Google Play Store, which offer different features like apps. Let us know about these.

Speed ​​dial 2

If you are bothered by the old look of Chrome browser, you can use the Speed ​​Dial 2 extension. This extension makes the Chrome page attractive and becomes a shortcut to the most used website in it and the user can also change that dashboard if needed. The thing to note is that this design only appears when you open a new page. The company has done this because most users open another webpage when they open a new website. Also you can set favorite wallpapers. It is available on the webstore as Speed ​​Dial 2 New tab.


A password here, a password there, look where the password. It doesn’t work without it. Your email account, banking account, social media account, travel site account, tax, credit card … this list goes on and on. It works on all operating system Windows, Mac, OSX, Linux, any browser, Symbian, Blackberry, Android and even forgotten HP WebOS. Last Pass has both Free Vizron and Paid Vizron. You will have to spend डॉलर 12 i.e. about Rs. 720 per year for paid weight. Like the previous app, Last Pass also uses all the passwords through a master password. You can also automatically fill in the password in the browser or keep confidential notes and information here.

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Grammarly for Chrome

When you write an email from Facebook or WhatsApp, there are many spelling mistakes in English which can ruin your image. You can take the help of Grammarly for Chrome extension to avoid such embarrassment. If you misspell an English word while typing, this extension creates a red line under that word. Then click the wrong word with the mouse. Then you can choose the right word. At the same time, this extension allows the user to include their own words.

Session Buddy

If the browser or its tabs are closed for any reason, you can use the session buddy. It is very easy to open any old tab using this extension called Session Buddy. Opening tabs with the help of Session Buddy is many times easier than opening tabs using the browsing history of Chrome browser. It saves all web links with one heading.


Many people want to record that work while working on a computer or laptop. In that case you can take the help of Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder extension. This extension records the computer screen. However this recording only happens while browsing. To view it, after clicking on the option given on the right side of the URL box of the browser, a box will open at the bottom, containing that file.

‘Pocket’ to save webpage

Often users like the pocket feature given in Mozilla but they prefer to run Chrome browser. In this case, they can take the help of the ‘Save to Pocket’ extension, which is available for free on the Chrome Web Store. With the help of Pocket feature, if you like a webpage while searching in the browser, it can be saved for future reference. To get the Pocket feature, Chrome users can add the Save to Pocket extension from the web store to their browser.

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Include extensions in such browsers

Type https://chrome.google.com/webstore in the URL box to add the extension to the browser. After this the search option will appear on the left side, type the name of the extension in it. As soon as the extension opens, click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ option on the right. After a while, its icon will be added to your browser. Then you can use it easily.


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