Apple Maps will provide information on the Corona Virus Testing Center


The number of coronavirus infections worldwide is 1,621,348. In India, 10,000 people have been infected with the corona virus. Many people around the world have come forward to fight against the corona virus. A few days ago, Google launched the Corona Tractor website. So soon the information of Corona virus testing center will be available on Apple Maps.

Apple has recently announced this. Information about the Corona virus testing center will be updated soon in the Maps app. An update to the maps will then be released. Apple Maps will then provide information on the testing center for the corona virus. Apple has launched a portal for this. Designed for healthcare providers and hospitals. Hospitals and health organizations can register for the corona virus test on this portal. A team working for Apple Maps will then investigate. The test center will then be updated in the Apple Maps app.

According to a report from 9T5 Mac, Apple Maps will have the information of the hospital along with the mobile number and health institution without the name of the corona test center. Also full information about the test lab will be given. Information will be provided on how the test will be conducted at this location. It will also be known whether there is a parking facility at that place.

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