How to get rid of mobile phone addiction?


Turn off notification alerts if you want to get rid of phone addiction

Many people check the smartphone repeatedly because of the notification coming in the phone. While often many notification alerts are non-essential. You can customize the notification if you want to get rid of the notification alert. This will help you to avoid the habit of using the phone, let us know about this method …

Go to the phone’s settings to turn off non-essential notifications. Then on scrolling down, the user will get the option of ‘notification’. As soon as you click on it, the icons of all the applications in the phone will appear on the display. For example, if you want to turn off Gmail notifications on mobile, click on its icon. Then turn on the token of ‘Block All’ that appears at the top. Doing so will not flash notifications related to incoming messages on Gmail. This way users can easily block notifications for any app in their phone and turn it on again if needed.

Turn off Facebook’s notifications

To turn off notifications coming from the Facebook app on the smartphone, first open the Facebook application. If you are an Android user, press the three dots at the top right of the app. IOS users will see three options at the bottom right of the app, click on it. The user will then see an option named Notification Settings when scrolling down. In this, users can set the notification as per the need.

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Applications are also helpful in getting rid of addiction

Mobile applications are also helpful in overcoming smartphone addiction. An application called Checky exists on the App Store of Android and iOS. This app collects the data of the user’s smartphone and then shows it to the user. This app tells you how many times in a day you opened the smartphone and what you did. Users can then gradually reduce this habit. This app also generates a report card of the user. In addition, with the help of the AppDetox application, users can set the time to run any app. This way he will be able to reduce his screen time.

These are the habits to understand mobile addiction

  • Using mobile for 8 to 12 hours a day
  • Mobile screen viewing every 10 minutes
  • Giving more than 8 hours a day on social media
  • Check your social media again and again for your posts, photo comments and likes


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