How to share location without internet?


Many people resort to the Global Positioning System (GPS) to tell the address or location as both GPS and WhatsApp can be run from the Internet. But, what if your internet is not working? To avoid such hassle you can share your location with another person without internet. Let us know about it.

If there is no internet connectivity on the smartphone, the user has to first open the Google Maps app in his phone. After this, the user has to know his location on Google Maps. For this he can resort to the name of the colony, the block and the landmark in the vicinity. For example, if the user is in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, he can search the street number or block on Google Maps.

Then go to a nearby landmark, which is being shown on Google Maps. Then keep touching that place for a while. After doing so, it will become a red dot of location. After doing so, three options will appear at the bottom of the phone screen, one is k direction l, the other is k share l and the third is k save l. Click on the option to share k to share location. Then choose the option of text message. He can then share the location with an acquaintance or person asking for the address.

Even without the internet shows the way

In Google Maps, you can use the directions given below when a red dot appears on the screen. However, it should be noted that Google Maps can only show the way to reach the places that are already saved in Google Maps. Before using this feature, we recommend that you download a map of the place before moving to a new place, which users can use offline if needed.

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Here’s how to download Google Maps offline

To download Google Maps as per your need, first search the name of the place where users are going. Then at the bottom k direction l will appear in a box, click on that box. Note that k is not an option of direction l but click on the box next to it. He will then climb up the box screen. Here you will find the option to download one of the four options, click on it. He will then give you a box to select the place, in which you can download as needed.


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